Granny phone numbers dating services for young people who have incontinence

17-Nov-2019 23:18

These numbers are supposedly cursed and have urban legends associated with them.WARNING: We recommend that you DO NOT call these numbers.For years, people all over the world have been receiving creepy messages from the phone numbers 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666.Some people believe these phone calls come from the devil.

It sounded like a hollow voice and there was a lot static in the background.In Pakistan, people were warning each other not to pick up calls from numbers that appeared on the screen in red.They claimed these were “Cursed Phone Numbers” or “Death Calls”.I think the number you dialed was made up of 0s, 1s and 2s and you didn’t need to insert any money.

You could hear a woman speaking in a curiously monotone voice, saying “Help me, help me, Susie’s dying! Sometimes she said “Help me, help me, Susie’s drowning!“All of my friends claim to have tried it with varying results…