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After recording another version, Foxx decided to re-record it once more as he felt it contained too many explicit lyrics.Once the track was finally in place, it was layered with additional instruments provided by American film score composer Jon Brion and individually selected by West.The titles of the magazines on whose covers the women appear reflect the correlating verses in the song.Foxx is also present, lip-synching both his own parts and the Ray Charles vocal sample. "Gold Digger" won the BET Award for Video of the Year at the 2006 BET Awards and received nominations for both Best Male Video and Best Hip Hop Video, at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards but did not win either of these awards.It was 2005's second-longest running number one on the Billboard Hot 100 behind "We Belong Together" by Mariah Carey and is the joint sixth longest ever at ten weeks.

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West originally produced and recorded "Gold Digger" in Ludacris's home in Atlanta for Shawnna's 2004 debut album Worth Tha Weight and had written the chorus from a female first-person viewpoint: "I'm not sayin' I'm a gold digger, but I ain't messin' with no broke niggas." However, for reasons unknown, Shawnna passed on using the song.

When Late Registration was released, the album version of "Gold Digger" was first made available for download.