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Loose papers are in the form of handwritten and typed correspondence, memoranda, spreadsheets, brochures, reports, pamphlets, notes, lists, bids, proposals, contracts, and bonds.

In 1915, the legislature directed the county auditor to exercise control and supervision over the finances of any county improvement district, such as drainage districts, including approving bills, examining all reports, approving claims for payment, and overseeing bond issues (Acts 1915, 34th Legislature, Regular Session, Ch. The volumes are in the form of handwritten and typed entries into journals, registers, and lists.

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576.005 and 595.001 or the Texas Human Resources Code, Sec.

date 1909-1952 and reflect the auditor's oversight of the financial aspects of the construction of the causeway between Galveston island and the mainland, including subsequent renovations and improvements.