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29-Aug-2020 08:49

She then unbuttons her jacket to reveal a white low button v- neck top that fits tight to her body. Where Patricia is shorter, she is taller and both are skinny for their height.You can see a bit of her boobs the open part of her top.We pull up to there house and Patricia leans over to me and says " Let's not stay too long.I think we should have some fun tonight." I pretty much agreed with her.I'm in awe at how nice her tits look in that shirt and wonder what they are like.I get my wits about me just as the hostess arrives to take us to our table. As we wait we begin the usually idle chit chat about work, the family and general nonsense.Once again I get interrupted by the waitress arriving at the table to order our food.I order the 8 oz New York Sirloin, Patricia get Thai stir fry, Joesph orders up a ¼lb burger and Silenia orders a wrap.

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We get the bill and finish our drinks and then leave. " Besides, I'm sure hers aren't as nice as yours." "Good." she tells me.

We continue talking amongst ourselves and order a couple more drinks.