Erica durance dating history

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This lead to her uncovering a Kryptonian spaceship and was knocked unconscious.The spaceship later disappeared, but Lois managed to track it down.Around this time, Olsen had become engaged with Chloe, whom Lois shared the Talon apartment with.Having to put up with the newly-engaged, Lois eventually decided to move out and back to the Kent Farm.After Chloe had disappeared for four weeks, Lois set out to find her.Having stolen Luthor Corp files, she managed to track down Chloe to a facility in Montana.

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In her position as a reporter, she named the mysterious archer the "Green Arrow Bandit" (later shortened to "Green Arrow").

However, her articles about the Green Arrow caused her to be kidnapped by criminals, out to get the Green Arrow. Lois remained obsessed with exposing the archer's identity.