Entp men dating

21-Oct-2019 07:05

However, a bit later he turns her off with his demonstrative nagging( showing sufferings) and unpredictability.With Infantile men this woman would feel complete undertanding but would start to feel deprived of their inability to take care of material/physical world things and provide comfort( take care) of the Infantile woman.If not getting these reactions, he subconsciously provokes demonstration of this behavior in the woman.Infantile Man – Man-Son Dependent, naive in routine day-to-day activities, infantile man expects business and emotional support from the woman.men being weak) Woman – “ Agressor” , “ Hunter”, “ Conqueror”( ESTP, ISTJ, ESFP, ISFJ ) This woman always want to compete with man including in intimate relationships. She loves to feel more knowledgable than men in any area of life.

In women he respects ability to deal with material/business world and responsiveness to his concerns and complains.

They are interested in the result but not the process.