East america fossil dating

14-Nov-2020 14:15

Dating from the Early Permian, almost 300 million years ago, the site has unearthed fossil remains of dimetrodons and numerous other tetrapods.

These reptile-like creatures are collectively known as synapsids, animals often characterised by the large sail-like structures on their backs.

The sedimentary layers of the coastline have yielded countless fossils belonging to plants and animals spanning the entire Mesozoic Era, from about 252 to 66 million years ago.

Unsurprisingly, it has become the UK’s most popular fossil-hunting spot.

Here are just a few of the places where some of the greatest chapters of that story have been revealed.

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Since the beginning of recorded history, fossils have confounded their discoverers, leading to wild folktales about mythical dragons and other strange creatures.

Australia’s Ediacara Hills give their name to the Ediacaran Period, the first new geological period to be declared in 120 years when it was approved in 2004.

Until the discovery and dating of the fossils found there, it was long assumed that multicellular life first appeared with the Cambrian Explosion 541 million years ago.

Argentina is home to most of the known fossil sites in South America.

The Anacleto Formation in Patagonia, dating from the Late Cretaceous some 80 million years ago, is home to numerous nests of fossilized dinosaur eggs, including those with embryos inside.The official website features a fossil finder showcasing animals such as plesiosaurs, dinosaurs, ammonites and prehistoric fish.

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