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27-Sep-2020 04:06

) and having instant chemistry with sweetie pie costar Selena Gomez. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal but a lot of people found out about it and came out. JJ: What genres of dance are performed in the film?The 26-year-old actor, whose voice was blended with Zac Efron's in the original (on Sunday)? DS: Hip-hop, tango, there's a big tango scene, ballroom dancing... So all that kind of boy-band dancing stuff is in there too. DS: Yeah, the first things I did before singing and acting, my parents got me into ballet, tap, jazz, all that kind of stuff.DS: Probably the black-and-white ball scene, the big finale scene.They made a real concert stage, set up the whole venue in this old iron foundry.DS: See, we were supposed to be in Beverly Hills for the movie but we actually shot in Vancouver (Canada) so it was freezing cold, and we had to shoot these night scenes outside where it was supposed to be a nice warm summer evening, but it was so freezing.They had people blowing heaters on us from underneath. We had to suck on ice cubes right before they yelled action so our breath wouldn't show up in the air as much. JJ: Sounds like some pretty good Hollywood magic for that scene!They got like 300 extras to come out and be the audience, and qw got to put on a real show.JJ: How do you compare filming that concert experience to the High School Musical tour experience where there was 15,000 people? (He took over the role of Troy in "High School Musical: The Concert" to replace Zac Efron, who was shooting Hairspray at that time.) DS: No, it was just a different experience.

JJ: What's the cutest or most endearing thing about Selena? DS: I have a music video called "New Classic" coming out for . Adam Sandler produced that, and his brother Scott Sandler wrote it.

JJ: Your mom is a choreographer--has she choreographed for anyone famous?

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