Drakensberg rock art dating

17-Dec-2019 13:14

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) in Damaraland where more than 2 500 images have been recorded and catalogued as well as several paintings.The engravings and images were first recorded in 1921 by Mr. Maack in the report written for the SWA Administration but the first detailed study of the site was conducted by Mr. The name Twyfelfontein was given to the place by Mr.Nature aside, these mountains are home to 520 rock art sites and 30, 000 paintings – making the area one of the most abundant with painted rock art in the world.More rock paintings are found here than anywhere else in Africa.The paintings are usually found on a walls of rock shelters (caves, etc.) formed in cliffs in the mountains of the country.

There is a shelter where paintings of human figures can be seen.

When we finally draw our gaze from the rock face we are confronted with spectacular views of the reserve spread out below us.