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Singles from the album included "Hieeee" and "This is My Hair".She received some backlash due to some of her choices of eliminations and her behavior toward the end of the competition.Along with Needles and Cherri Baum, she formed the band Haus of Haunt, which later evolved into a drag troupe based out of the bar the Blue Moon.As part of the Haus of Haunt, she helped present the Pittsburgh debut of fellow drag queen and recording artist Christeene Vale in 2013. Furter in Woodlawn Theatre's production of The Rocky Horror Show in San Antonio, Texas.Before I tell you what to do, let’s be honest about what you’ve already done. But you’re also so deep in filthy talk with them that they feel free to send nasty vids.And it doesn’t sound like they are misreading the situation when they do.Since July 2018 she has hosted a podcast with fellow Drag Race alumna Willam Belli.The podcast, titled "Race Chaser" is "devoted to the discussion and dissection of every episode of Rupaul's Drag Race." She has stated, "I am a huge fan of drag for many reasons; first and foremost being that it is an extremely important form of performance art.

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So it feels shitty when you need backup and they leave you to fend for yourself.

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I don’t see how you could avoid it if this conversation is happening via text or email... Because if we’re being honest, it sounds like, deep down, you know exactly what’s going on. You’ll probably read those old texts long before you read my note.

If you are so fixated on the damn phone that you have to write a letter to But it doesn’t matter if you read the texts or not. Some sexy stuff between your partner and their lover. Kondo would ask you to hold the phone carefully in your hands and discard it immediately if it doesn’t spark joy.In response, Alaska donated ,000 to the charity Trans Kids Purple Rainbow and posted an apology video online.

She never blames this person for any issues she’s had with mental help, but admitted he contributed to a lot of her heartbreak.… continue reading »

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