Dns updating zone serial

30-Oct-2020 13:12

Directives tell the nameserver to perform tasks or apply special settings to the zone.Resource records define the parameters of the zone and store host information.In addition, NOTIFY must be configured to inform the secondary name server of zone changes made on the primary name servers.When a change is made to the zone on the primary name servers, the SOA serial number is incremented and with NOTIFY configured, the secondary name servers are informed of the change.Chances are, you were probably looking for one of our sweet Email Services anyway.

However, it seems to have had very little effect on the forward lookup zones. For, the specific problem at hand, I think the larger challenge would be to identify the number that would make all zones think is a larger one and synchronize them all to that.Your SOA serial number is used as a version number for your DNS zone.One method to accomplish your goal, might be to enable dynamic updates for all your zones, with acls limiting access from the local machine only.

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Then simply add add, and then remove a temporary record in each zone with nsupdate. is the tool of choice for ignoring serial numbers and just doing it.

SOA serial format configured in Plesk Master DNS server does not match with Slave DNS servers SOA serial format.

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