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21-Mar-2020 09:36

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While useful in the business world, in the dating world, being goal oriented can backfire.The problem is, these men get so focused on achieving certain milestones, such as the first date, getting her in bed, or getting a ring on her finger, they often ignore signs that she’s not the one.Armed with these criteria, my team and I are able to go out and find exceptional, compatible women.The secret is, the right woman will offer him a challenge, but a healthy one: winning the heart of a confident equal who inspires and intrigues him. BEING IN CONTROL I work with successful men who are used to being the boss at work.We are a professional corporate matchmaking service offering personal elite singles introductions.Your personal matchmaker, a selective, discreet and exclusive matchmaking agency.The Only Social Club a respectable and reputable service for other Johannesburg business professional, Cape Town business professional and Durban business professional singles. The Professional corporate matchmaking service and process is done on a personal level.Thank you for your enquiry, we really appreciate and do understand that curiosity has motivated you to make this first contact. Our discretion, confidentiality and integrity is guaranteed.

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For example, they often want to date the most unavailable woman in the room, or those who are perpetually unhappy and impossible to please. On top of that, these men repeatedly stay too long in unfulfilling relationships because they see breaking up as failure.

Coaching is perhaps one of the most valuable parts of working with a matchmaker because it can help you get unstuck from habits that aren’t working in your favor.

Over the years, I’ve helped many C-level executives find the woman of their dreams and live happily ever after.

What I’ve seen time and time again in my clients – which have been some of the most high-profile executives in the US – is that the ‘go-getter’ qualities that help them get to the top of their game in the business world can actually be counter-productive when it comes to finding love.

” Actually, it’s a common myth that successful men have the best dating lives.

However, first I had to help them recognize which boardroom skills they needed to abandon so the relationship could thrive.