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14-Sep-2019 04:45

It is the home to the Indian movie industry, popularly known as Bollywood and the city houses most of the billionaires of India as well.

The cultural trends of the country can often be linked back to the city of Mumbai.

However, the city is far better than its Indian counterparts, as its inhabitants are open-minded; they are not too rigid with societal and cultural norms.

The people are outgoing and friendly, they rarely shy away from making conservation and small talk especially.

Since the city is home to most of the billionaires of India, there are women who hail from wealthy families as well.

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Either the women are extremely busy, as most of them are dreading the rush hours and making their way to their offices, and they definitely do not have their minds in it at that hour or you may try hitting a few shopping malls to meet women who have time to spare during the daytime, but be careful, as Indian women are shy and may not respond to your advances well, and if they decide to create a scene, you may be in trouble with the law enforcement authorities. Approaching women in the daytime is a difficult task; it isn’t impossible nonetheless.Mumbai is also known as the financial capital of India.