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25-Jun-2020 09:09

It is unnecessary to use ductile or carbon/cast steel for a skillet; the properties that make cast iron cookware desirable are not changed by different grades or types of iron.

The per-piece cost of ductile is about 3x that of grey iron, and while ductile has greater elasticity and wear resistance due to its nodular graphite molecular structure versus the more brittle linear structure of grey iron, these properties are superfluous to a stellar cast iron skillet.

They are still cast with the same process patented in the early 18th century.

However, the molds used by the foundries are made of aluminum, and shaped to fit on the several types of processing machinery.

The automation of casting still requires several bodies working to bring a piece into existence.

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Beyond the provenance of early American holloware and the different machined and milled antique pieces that can be found in online and estate sales, hoarded, collected and used by people in nearly all cultures, the next part of cast iron lore is built upon the care and seasoning.Then it’s time to bring it out, dust it off and start using these wonderful old pieces.

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