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But hey, trust me- the concept will never go out of fashion. The edgy, Grinchy best friend who could have actually got along with House? But most probably not all together, set in Florida, along with a younger, air-headed blonde employee and now with this much chemistry between the characters. The premise: Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox) is 40, newly divorced and not very hopeful about her future love life.

It is not exactly original but it is not originality that makes it work.

how do they transition their relationship from what it’s been their entire lives into something different?

As well all know, that is no easy task a lot of times.” RELATED | Save the Dates: Our Calendar of More Than 100 Season and Series Finales!

But “cougar” as a concept proved to be no more remarkable on television than in life, and after struggling for a while to justify its title, the producers let the original premise go and began to apologize for it instead, posting messages in the opening credits, such as, “New Year’s Resolutions: Embrace Our Stupid Title and Lose Six Pounds,” “Not What the Show Is” and, “She’s marrying a man her own age, so why is it called Cougar Town?

” VIDEO TIMELINE: Upcoming winter TV shows As in “Community,” whose actual, and substantial, heart remained hidden as long as the producers endeavored to make a show about characters with relatively realistic motivations in a relatively realistic setting, “Cougar Town” found its feet when it abandoned itself to the mutual chemistry of its ensemble and just let them hang out and drink.

But maybe neither her ex nor Grayson aren’t as shallow as they seem….

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With all the beauty issues, family obligations, careers, relationships and sexual/romantic needs, what women think and feel are openly explored: Women will have fun.

We’ve been working together for three or four years, so we’ve definitely developed a great rapport, but it’s much more on a brother/sister level than one exhibiting any type of other tension — which I think is the healthy way to go about it given that she’s married, has a child, and has another one on the way! “But that’s your job as an actor, to pretend and get outside of yourself.” Adding to any anxiety was the fact that , dating back to its ABC run, long ago planted the seed for romance to one day bloom between the besties. “I was excited to see the relationship between them evolve and mature into something else, because I think that will be interesting for the show,” Byrd notes, “but there’s definitely pressure.

You want it to come to fruition in a way people will be excited about.” However the season finale ends, the good news is that the aftermath can be explored — and much more grape can be pounded by the Cul-de-Sac Crew — now that the show has been renewed for Season 5.

The show doesn’t really care about men’s feelings, let me tell you.

Although, I think men will like Grayson, Bobby and some men will find familiar territory with the family man/Ellie’s husband Andy (Ian Gomez). Oh, and a word for the hopeless rock addicts like me: Bobby has a great rocknroll taste in music.The first step, of course is The First Date, but even that proves problematic for the potential lovebirds.

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