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Korchnoi has accused Soviet chess players of cheating, of ganging up on Westerners in tournaments and throwing key games when necessary.

He has accused the Russians of instituting a boycott against him - except for Karpov defending his title against him.

(In chess, as in bridge, there is a point system; basically, one gets to be a grandmaster by beating other grandmasters.)Success after success came to Karpov, and it was clear that a great player was on the way. In his first major tournament, the Alekhine Memorial in Moscow, he tied for first.

The players included 18 grandmasters, four of whom had previously been world champions.

(Of course, there were a number of draws.)Thus, when Korchnoi and Karpov met for their candidates' match in 1974, it was agreed that the two best challengers in the world were playing to see who would take on the incumbent champion, Bobby Fischer.

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Brilliant as he was, Korchnoi never became part of the establishment as Karpov did. In 1974, he was one of the candidates for the world championship - one of six survivors of a stern three-year international elimination process.When they played for the championship in 1978, it was called a grudge match.