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30-Jan-2020 01:23

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A glob of semen jettisoning from its tip landed on her cheek. His cock continued ejaculating for an entire minute, spurt after spurt that she was coerced to drink, his strong flavor familiar to her from before. That was just a little appetizer to get us in the mood. How could he possibly be getting hard again after only a few minutes? You keep making me hard, baby, because you so beautiful and I'm in love with you." He took her hand and guided it to his cock.

Although she was married to Dave, she had never performed oral sex on him. " His arm still around her shoulder pulled her into him. Look at my cock." Christy looked down and watched in dismay. "Now play with it some more." Christy had no choice.

It sounded like the clap of an overly-enthusiastic audience member and she cried out from the pain. He wouldn't stop, and her loins began yearning for more. The intensity of what they were doing to each other was increasing. What he kept doing to her made her forget everything else and brought all her attention to the task at hand. As she ran her lips up and down his shaft, she felt his cock begin throbbing in her palm. Her mouth obediently returned to his glans as she continued stroking his shaft. For the second time, Christy was treated to copious amounts of Reggie's semen.

And make sure you swallow it all when I cum, just like last time, baby." Christy straddled his face.

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