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People with a severe brain injury may be able to access recreational services set up for people with an intellectual disability but its suitability should first be investigated.

Two organisations that are worth contacting are Life Stream on 07 3891 5466 and the Endeavour Foundation on 07 3874 1000. Councils run many community programs and usually maintain a database, accessible on the Internet or by phoning the Council chambers, of programs run by other organisations.

Another website for volunteer work throughout Australia can be viewed at

TRAINING For some, studying during their recovery may be very constructive.

The Sporting Wheelies & Disabled Association have a wide range of recreational activities such as abseiling, camping, hot air ballooning, snow skiing and sailing, in regional centres throughout Queensland.

The sport side of things includes athletics, wheelchair basketball, powerlifting, cycling, golf, swimming, lawn bowls, marathons, watersport, wheelchair rugby, shooting and tennis.

Even if you are very motivated however, it is suggested that you check with your rehabilitation specialists or family to get a realistic idea of your capabilities and limitations at this stage of your recovery.

The groups help people with a brain injury to learn self-management, social and community access skills.You can also follow the links to Jobs & Careers Pathways for young people with a disability.SOCIALISING An unfortunate aspect of acquired brain injury may be that you find old friends are lost and you need to make new ones when you may feel least able to.If you don't know the contact details for your local Council, or if you aren't sure what your Council is, there is a Local Government Directory for Queensland at au/applications/lg Directory/.

VOLUNTEER WORK For many, work is an integral part of self esteem and being unable to work can be a contributing factor to the depression that is common after a brain injury.

A personal gym program can be devised in the gym at Bowen Hills in Brisbane, or your local gym.