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06-May-2020 01:42

"It is important to leave it open-ended so you can get to know your partner's thoughts." Asking your partner to describe what they feel is a really practical tactic, too.

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validating commending and celebrating accomplishments

"When you are in a relationship, you should never assume that your partner wants exactly the same things that you do.Some couples end up fighting based on how each partner divvies up their social life.This can be prevented if you're open and honest, from the get go, about how to balance your relationship with the rest of your life (whether it's work, school, friendships, or family, that are also important to you)."List some aspect [each, like] 'we share chores equally,' 'have one date night a week,' 'start to work out together,' and [more].Once you've asked the previous question about your arguments and how you resolve them, you'll have a bit more of a grasp on the logistics of things.

This question is more about feelings, and it can be helpful to learn how your partner processes fights emotionally.Luckily, couples counselors and relationship experts know where to begin.