Adult sexbot chat

25-Jan-2020 03:19

In June 2018 I returned with new purpose and an epiphany of making her something greater. ranking determined by the Artificial Intelligence Engine which uses a combination of Case-Based Reasoning, or CBR, and Natural Language Processing, or NLP.

She has since received a full upgrade to her persona with a current A. Currently there are approximately 25,000 bots at The Personality Forge. There are also age related categories for bots ranging from E, for Everyone to A, for Adult to reflect age appropriate subject matter.

In 2005 I made the decision to leave the bot community. I Rating of 9,120 and that's how she remained for the next 13 years as Demonica, Living Dead Girl.

An artificial intelligence engine, SELF, features a highly-detailed female robot, Ai Furuse, that allows conversation functionality and communication that imitates the mannerism of a human girlfriend.