18 year old dating a 14 year old legal

15-Nov-2020 09:54

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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Intense emotions, raging hormones and the pressures of a highly promiscuous teen culture can push almost any child into early sexual involvement.

They have been waiting: Every parent knows the worry that comes when teenage children fall in love.

We can be grateful also that these defenses were created by our legislators to spare young people in consensual, close-in-age relationships from being treated as predators under the law.

Please share these laws and defenses with your children as soon as possible; pull out a multi-year calendar and make certain your children understands the close in age exemptions and the 24 month age difference that should always be respected in their choice of a romantic partner.

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Sadly, all it takes to turn a teenage romance into a nightmare that never ends is a single complaint to the police from an angry parent or a jilted boyfriend or girlfriend.The relevant criminal charge in our state is felony Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, commonly known in other states as statutory rape.Penalties for juvenile sex offenders include incarceration and mandatory enrollment as a sex offender at least until the age of Penalties for anyone 18 or 19 years old and not in high school are much stiffer, requiring prison time and mandatory sex offender registry for life.Certainly, anytime non- consensual sexual acts are committed, additional and extremely serious felony sex assault charges will be filed against the offending party. Did he question her family or friends about her age?

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This cautionary tale is real — it happened to the child of a friend of mine.

Charges of sexual misconduct are extremely serious for young people and adults, and require expert representation by skilled attorneys with specialties in the field.

When we are young, we look at our parents and teachers and think that they have figured it all out.… continue reading »

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