18 year old dating 16 year old laws

20-Oct-2020 07:10

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As I also pointed out in my initial respsone to you, I also have never seen a specific law which states such, as an example: "It shall be against the public policy of X state where a person over the age of 18 holds out that he or she is engaged in human conduct or interaction that is commonly and socially known as "dating" with a person under X age.

As I stated, IF a person for the sake of argument, over 18, "holds out" to the community and inner circles/parents that he is "dating" an under age person, let's say under the age of sexual consent, you can bet that person will be investigated.

You ask what she means by dating and she states "we kiss and hold hands right now".

Dating is not covered by statute that I have ever seen.

Have you ever known anyone who dates that does not, at minimum, hold hands and kiss??

Church has nothing to do with it, that was in your original post.

You know nothing about my religious affiliation and place of worship, so please refrain from being so rude as that comment was uncalled for!!

BOR, the poster asked if there were any laws dictating who may date and made it clear that she was not using the term as a euphamism for having sex.Open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior Section 16.

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